Why Every Business Needs SEO

Organic Visibility and SEO

Are you looking to increase your online presence and attract more potential customers? Then there are two terms you need to be familiar with – organic visibility and SEO. In today’s digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, we look at what exactly organic visibility means, how you can get more of it and how that relates to the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for businesses. So whether you’re reading this in Parramatta or Potts Point, get ready to learn how these two factors can significantly impact your online success and drive valuable traffic to your website. Let’s dive in!

Let’s start with what exactly is “organic visibility”?

Ever wondered how your competitors managed to appear on the first page of Google? Today, businesses who dominate online search results dominate the competition with more traffic more sales and instant brand authority that you just can’t buy.

So how does this work? The rise to the top of search is powered by the search engine. In mere seconds search engines like Google and Bing connect businesses with customers who are searching for what they do or sell, so being found by the right people should be a cakewalk right?

Here’s the challenge of getting organic visibility…

Think of the internet like a giant online library. Your website is just one of millions sitting on the shelf and a lot of them are kind of saying the same thing. So search engines have to catalogue and filter all the websites to help searchers find relevant content.

So when someone searches for a dentist in Sydney the search engine starts to filter, checking the words on the page, the backend, the coding and all the technical stuff behind the scenes and then chooses the websites that are the best match.

So, what does this mean for businesses who want to come up on page one of Google? Well it means you could be the best but, just not the most relevant and if you’re not relevant you’ll be at the bottom of the pile.
Today with 75% of searchers never moving beyond the first page of the search results you might as well not have a website.

Boosting Your Organic Visibility with SEO

But… all is not lost! All you need is Results Digital SEO (search engine optimization). Our experts can put your site on the front page and help you conquer the digital space in your industry – and we can also help you ratchet up your online presence with professional social media management, Google advertising, website design and to keep you fresh exciting and relevant in the ever-changing online landscape.

So, ready to turbocharge your online presence? Get in touch with Results Digital Marketing today and start crushing your competition.

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