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Encourage business growth by focusing on sales rather than likes.

Watch New Customers Flock to You

Did you know that there are over one billion people who create and share on Instagram and over 200 million of these Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily? Even better, 60% of them say they discover new products on Instagram. Why not use that knowledge and this platform to your advantage and grow your business or brand? 

Furthermore, while owned by Facebook, Instagram has an even higher engagement rate than Facebook with users being far more likely to interact with content they find on Instagram. 

With all of that data, it’s no wonder Instagram is an extremely attractive site for building a brand or business. Knowing how to properly use the site gives access to current customers and the ability to attain thousands, if not millions more. The right ads going out to a targeted audience will provide not only an effective advertising strategy, but has the ability to increase traffic to your site as well as sales.

Allow Us to Increase Your Instagram Sales

While likes, follows, and even comments are nice, they are not all that is needed to ensure real conversions. Working with Results Digital Marketing, however, can help with that. Not only will we help work on customer acquisition, we can encourage re-engagement, build awareness, and even create an Instagram ad strategy to meet the goals and returns you are after.

When it comes to creating your campaign, we leave no detail out. We work with our partners to discover what they are after and make it a reality. We have a unique ability to turn those casual browsers into active buyers. We’ll provide the research to make sure you know how to pinpoint your target audience and find what time and location is most effective for posting your ads. Details including their likes, lifestyle, and even goals can also be provided for further specificity.

After you have the attention of your customers, it’s now time to get them to act. With our powerful conversion formula, we are confident you will get the sales you need and see a positive return on your investment. We leave nothing to chance and will take full advantage of the opportunity to reach those one billion to promote your business or brand.

Partner With Us to Experience Incredible Results

If you are ready to unlock the potential of social media advertising, but are not sure where to turn, look no further than Results Digital Marketing. Our experienced team will partner with your brand or company to learn about your needs and goals and make sure we help reach them while providing an incredible return on investment.

By boosting your SEO and PPC, our team will work hard to build your content and social media marketing strategy. Additionally, we’ll ensure your branding, PR, web design and development are not only up to par, but will allow for a seamless transition to maximize ease of use for your audience and ultimately conversions.

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We encourage massive sales by meeting your audience where they are. Get high quality social media services and start capturing their attention with hyper-targeted social media advertising and quality social media engagement.

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